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"The Class of 2013" Poster Art and Press Release
April 9, 2013

Continuing a proud tradition at Northern Lehigh High School, NL Studios and Kernie Cam Productions are pleased to announce the latest senior-class commemorative film, The Class of 2013, for release on May 11, 2013, at the school's Senior Farewell semi-formal. Below is the official synopsis for The Class of 2013, as recently distributed by Kernie Cam Productions.

OUR BEGINNING ENDS. For twelve years, we have grown together, laughed together, and cried together. Now, we are preparing to leave behind our days at Northern Lehigh High School and embark on a new journey. We may stay the best of friends or we may lose touch, but we can always hold onto the memories that we created. Presented by NL Studios, The Class of 2013 compiles the most eventful and hilarious moments of our senior year into a unique video montage that can watch again and again.

Produced by Kernie Cam Productions and presented through NL Studios, The Class of 2013 marks the eighth in a series of commemorative films for Northern Lehigh High School's graduating classes. The production of this year's video marks a departure from previous years by heavily involving students in the editing and production process; seniors Courtney Blocker, Jennifer Fronheiser, and Kendra Smith serve as primary editors with Kernie Cam Productions providing graphics, print material, and DVD authoring. In addition to the official announcement and press release, NL Studios has released the official teaser poster for The Class of 2013. The theatrical one-sheet poster, designed by Kernie Cam Productions, was proudly unveiled in a display in Northern Lehigh High School's main lobby beginning in April 2013.

Premiering at the Senior Farewell event on May 11, 2013, The Class of 2013 aims to continue a long-standing partnership between Kernie Cam Productions and Northern Lehigh High School. A special edition DVD, expected to include a wealth of bonus material, is planned for release in late May 2013.

Click here to view the teaser poster for The Class of 2013.